Now is the Month of Maying 2019

Byrd | Ave verum corpus
Parsons | Ave Maria
Gibbons | What is our life?
Dowland | Dear if you change
Dowland | Fine knacks for ladies
Dowland | Flow not so fast ye fountains
Purcell | To the hills and the vales
Purcell | Thou knowest Lord
Purcell | Hear my prayer, o Lord

Ravencroft | Come drinke to me
Tomkins | When David heard
Wilbye | Weep, weep, weep mine eyes
Bennet | Weep o mine eyes
Jones | Farewell dear love
Morley | April is in my mistress’s face
Morley | Now is the month of Maying
Morley | Sing we and chant it
Purcell | I gave her cakes